Robots vs. DIY Instruments

Music-instrument-making robots churning out guitar bodies and carving necks in groups of ten at a time…



This makes me think about the differences between human construction and machines. Obviously, the machines are much faster, but what are the trade offs?

  1. Machines can’t make subtle changes that customize the instrument.
  2. Machines can’t detect when something is slightly off
  3. Startup/investment cost is huge, keeping beginners out of the business and fun.
  4. What else?

DIY Instruments vs. Homebrew Instruments

What is the difference between DIY Instruments and Homebrew Instruments?

They are:

  1. Both music instruments that are made at home, rather than bought completed.
  2. They both let you learn a little something
  3. They both help you make a closer connection playing your instrument

However!  I have found that searching the Internet, there are some huge differences!

  1. “DIY” Instruments tend, on the whole, to be much more intended for children.
  2. There are more hits on Google for “DIY” instruments than “Homebrew.”
  3. “Homebrew” Instruments are more likely to be electronic



Zenotron on Hackaday

Now if you read up on how this awesome thing was constructed, you’ll notice that the digital luthier mentions Parallax Joysticks.  I did some brief research into that and a few other joysticks which you can find over in the online store.  You can’t always find these items, but for now there are a few quality ones, so check them out.

I was excited to see also that Mike Walters makes a number of other interesting instruments, too!